On_________________________199__ at_________am/pm, I, Charlotte Merrifield (hereafter known as SELLER) agree to sell a Yorkshire Terrier dog/bitch with the AKC registration # of ________________________born on __________________199__out of sire________________________________________________________
with the color of __________________________to______________________________________________
phone_______________________ (hereafter referred to a PURCHASER) for the consideration of
________________________ and NO/100 ($ ). (applicable only if filled out)A deposit for the above animal of ________________________and NO/100 ($ ) was placed with the Seller. Seller agrees to hold said dog/bitch until Midnight ______________________________________199__ and will consider said animal sold and not for sale to any other party.
It is further understood and agreed by both parties that after Midnight _________________________199__,   the Purchaser will be in default of the contract and the deposit will be forfeited. The dog/bitch will be placed for sale at the going rate for a Yorkshire Terrier of his/her age and quality. The Seller will be held harmless and the Buyer will have forfeited all recourse to both the dog/bitch and the deposit.

It is further understood that the above animal is sold as pet quality only. Seller guarantees the health and genetic health of the animal as specified further in the contract. 

Should Purchaser decide to relinquish ownership of the dog/bitch during it's life for any reason other than those directed by law, Purchaser agrees to return the animal as fast as possible, by the safest means possible that will not endanger the life, well-being, or welfare of the dog/bitch. All costs incurred as well as any expense resulting from medical treatment, reconditioning, or socialization will be the responsibility of the Purchaser. This dog/bitch may not be sold or in any means ownership relinquished to another party unless agreed upon in writing by the Seller.

Purchaser is responsible for:
Keeping all vaccinations current as required by state law and the prevailing opinion of veterinary medicine. Annual checkups by a licensed veterinarian Maintenance consisting of feeding a nutritionally balanced diet including supplements Providing whatever training is necessary to ensure the dog/bitch's emotional/social stability.

This dog/bitch has a 48 hour health guarantee if Buyer is local, 72 hours if Buyer is out of state. If any medical condition  is found by a licensed veterinarian in that time frame, dog/bitch may be returned to Seller for a full refund if accompanied by a full written statement from said veterinarian. If the animal is returned for any other reason than failure to pass"vet approval" then one third (1/3) the purchase price will be retained by the Seller for health and advertising reasons. Further,this dog/bitch is guaranteed for life against any life threatening genetic defect specifically liver shunt or leggs perthes.

Seller agrees to pay medical bills up to the amount of the purchase price. If Buyer wishes to relinquish the affected animal along with registration papers, Seller will either refund the purchase price or replace the animal with the next available animal of like quality. Condition must be verified in writing by 2 licensed veterinarians. If this animal dies due to any hereditary problems Seller will replace the animal or refund the purchase price if the following conditions are met. Buyer must consult with the Seller within 24 hours of any illness and follow advice of Sellers Veterinarian. Under no circumstances is Seller to be held responsible for veterinary services not authorized by Seller. Buyer must have an autopsy performed by Seller's Veterinarian or a veterinarian of Sellers choice within 24 hours of death. Because the environment in which a puppy is raised and the treatment which it receives can have a great influence on patella luxation and collapsed trachea, these two conditions are exempted from the genetic guarantee.

This is a mutual agreement between Seller and Purchaser. All terms are binding and non-negotiable. Should it become necessary to pursue legal action to fulfill the terms of this contract, Purchaser will be held liable for all legal fees and court costs. It is agreed by both parties that the laws of the State of Texas, county of Williamson, shall have jurisdiction over this contract.

By my signature, I affirm that I have read, discussed, and understand the terms and conditions of this agreement. Further, I agree to abide by the letter of the terms and conditions as well as the spirit of this agreement. I sign this agreement of my own free will and without duress. It is further understood that there are no warranties, either expressed or implied, other than those contained in this agreement.

________________________________                                              ________________________________
                 (SELLER)                                                                                          (PURCHASER)


1. PET QUALITY is a quality classification set by the breeder indicating that in the breeder's opinion the animal does not conform close enough to the breed standard to allow it to be used for breeding or to be shown in AKC sanctioned dog shows.

2. LIMITED REGISTRATION allows registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC) but with certain restrictions. The registration certifies that the animal is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, but does not allow competition in AKC licensed conformation shows. Offspring resulting from this animal are not allowed to be registered with AKC.

3. ALTERING is a surgery done by a veterinarian that renders the animal unable to produce offspring.

4. GENETIC DEFECT any condition which is widely held by the veterinary profession to be hereditary in nature. Exceptions are patellar luxation or tracheal collapse because of environmental issues.

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