Seller:_____________________________________                                       Purchaser(s) Name:_______________________________
address:___________________________________                                        Address: _________________________________
city,state,zip________________________________                                       City/St/Zip: _______________________________
Phone:____________________________________                                        Phone: ________________________________
                                                                                                                                        Driver license #____________________________
                                                                                                                                        SS# :____________________________________


Buyer enters into this purchase agreement contract with Sellers with full knowledge that when this puppy leaves these premises, Buyer will be responsible for the life, health, and well being of this animal.

Sale is contingent on Full Veterinary Approval within _______hours.

If this pure bred dog does not have your veterinarian's approval, please return to breeder's premises within the period of time designated above for a full refund. (One third of the sales price is to be forfeited if the dog is returned for any other reason than failure to pass Veterinarian examination.)

This dog is guaranteed against having hereditary, genetic health defects that would prevent it from being what it is sold as by this contract. A refund or replacement puppy will be given for any dog returned in good condition within guaranteed time range, with up to date vaccinations and written documentation of genetic defect (ie) (heart, lungs, liver) found , by a qualified, reputable veternarian.

Show Potential and Breeder dogs also guaranteed until puppy attains 18 months of age, against infertility due to a hereditary defect, a male puppy is also guaranteed if testicles do not drop by 1 year of age. A replacement puppy will be given upon written documentation, by a qualified veternarian, that this dog has had a fertility test and has tested to be infertal, and is returned in unaltered condition with up to date shots, it will be replaced with another puppy.

Buyer will check the puppy before taking possession, if applicable to do so, and if finds no visible fault, and without pressure from Sellers to buy the animal, decides to purchase the dog, is purchasing it as listed below.

With $______.00 being the FULL purchase price $_____.00 has been paid down. Payment made by: cash, money order, check #_________
With $______.00 being balance due.
Balance due is to be paid: ____upon picking up your puppy ____per terms of special provisions of sale.

(Payments by check must be received 10 days prior to picking up or shipping of a puppy, to allow for check clearance)


To the best of my knowledge, this pure bred dog is in good healthy condition with the following exceptions..


Puppy Information:

This dog is being transfered as ______Show Potential,   ______Breeding,    ______Pet only,  w/ _____Limited   ____Full Registration
Breed ______________________  D.O.B._______-_____-199__   Sex:   ____male/ ____female
Color-mkgs:__________________________ Litter# :_________________________
Sire____________________________________ Reg. #__________________________
Dam___________________________________ Reg.#___________________________

Medical History:

Puppy shot: DA2PP+CVK was given on _________      __________        _________
or is due to be given on _________       __________               Rabies vaccination given or due on ______________
Health/ Shot Records will be supplied with puppy at the time you take possession of your dog, or sent via mail prior to shipping.

We recommend that you have your veterinarian check the puppy teeth at 7 to 9 months to remove the retained puppy teeth. This breeder prefers the use Isoflurane gas anesthesia if surgery is required. Injectables must be used only with great care and breeder assumes no liabilities for consequences when injectable Anaesthesia are used, and the veterinarian is to use care in intubating this toy dog so as not to damage the trachea by using a tube that is too big.

We also recommend that all pets be spayed/neutered between the age of  6 months and 1 year to prevent accidental breedings, and possible future health problems in the dog. Optimal time would be to have spay/neuter done at the time any retained puppy teeth are removed

THIS BREEDER WILL REPLACE THIS DOG IF IT DIES DUE TO ANY HEREDITARY PROBLEMS IF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS ARE MET. Buyer must consult with Breeder within 24 hours of any illness and follow advice of  Breeders Veterinarian. Under no circumstances is Sellor to be held responsible for medical services not authorized by the Seller. Buyer must have any autopsy performed by the Breeder's Veterinarian or Breeder's Vet of choice within 24 hours of death. It is mutually understood and agreed that any litigation regarding this sale shall be brought about in the County and State where the breeder/seller resides.

Registration Papers/ Application:

____Are supplied with this contract or will be forwarded upon receipt of balace due payment in full.
____Will be signed over to the buyer upon fullfillment of the following terms:





 Both parties, set their hands and seal, by their signature on this contract, and agree to the terms of aforesaid contract.

 _________________________________(SEAL)                                                 _____________________________________(SEAL)
   Seller/Breeder    Signature                (date)                                                                          Purchaser  Signature                         (date)

__________________________________(SEAL)                                                _____________________________________(SEAL)
  Co-Seller/Breeder   Signature           (date)                                                                             Co-Purchaser Signature                   (date)

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