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Embroidery by Joyce
Products for you, your showdog, or pet.
Quilted Crate Covers, Shirts, Belly Bands, Quilted crate mats/sleeping pads,
TopKnot Pillows, & much more. North Carolina
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Coat Handler Products

Coat Care by Sandy Lemire, Durango, CO
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Dog & Cat Cookies, Bones, Treats, & Gift Packs
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Gifts by Terri Shumsky, Paso Robles, CA
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Professional All Breed Handler
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Bows by Rose Edwards, Baraga, MI
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Dogs in Stained Glass, Lamps, Gifts, Trophies, Custom Work by Chris Orowitz, Radcliff, KY
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Cosette's Closet

Bows, Clothing & Organic Biscuits
by Deb & Cossette, Beverly Hills, CA
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We are vendors at some of the shows.
(Web site coming soon.)
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Distributor of Coat Handler Products by
Anita Kitchens, Klamath Falls, Oregon
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T-Shirts,  Mugs, Jackets, License Plates, Mouse Pads,  Art Prints, Note Cards & Stained Glass. Most AKC breeds available. Newalla, OK
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Shampoos, Conditioners, Bands, Bows, Wraps, Leads, Beds and much more
by Vicki Edwards, Atlanta, GA
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Paintings, landscapes, boomerangs, south west art
Get A Custom Pastel Paintings of your favorite Person or Pet done.
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No web site available at this time
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Hickory, NC  704-462-2427
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The "Natural" way to care for your showdogs or pets coat.
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Your pet could be resting on their own custom-made KOMFY QUILT pet bed!
Our KOMFY QUILTS are five layers thick, handmade to be durable and
comfortable. Best of all the KOMFY QUILTS are machine washable and dryable.
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Our product lines are created specifically for the health, & comfort of pets; & pet lovers looking for unique and distinctive items for their pets.
America's Finest Pet Doors.

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