Puppy buyers beware of breeders with CKC (Continental Kennel Club)
registered puppies for sale. Are these CKC puppies really what the breeder says they are?
Check out how easy it is to register a dog with CKC.
Register your dog with Continental Kennel Club
All you have to have is a dog's name (We can get that from any website or pedigree) and you can register a dog with CKC on their online registration website. A bloodline is optional and registration #'s are not needed if the parents aren't already CKC.... Just 2 names, typed in a box, as witnesses that the dog belongs to who you say it does.

CKC will register "New Breeds".
Which means what.......  Puppies from any 2 dogs are eligible as Misc. dogs .... Mixed breed puppies.

Exerts from CKC's site:
Continental Kennel Club has a miscellaneous section for developing new breeds. CKC will recognize a cross between
any two purebred dogs, and will issue a registration certificate on their offspring.

Classifications on Misc. dogs will be changed once CKC has determined that these dogs have been breeding true for
several generations, and has been approved for movement from the Misc. class to the purebred status. Future Purebred
Reclassification (F.P.R.) will appear at the end of the group classification indicating the future changes.

CKC has eliminated the litter fee! To simplify the process of registering dogs, we have eliminated the need for litter
papers. At the time a puppy is sold, an application is completed by the breeder. The completed form is then mailed to us
by the new puppy owner along with the fee of $8.00 per application. This process eliminates the need for a litter
registration form and saves you money.

For more information on CKC and how it works visit their site at: http://www.ckcusa.com/index.html

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