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Yorkshire Terriers
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That of a long-haired toy terrier whose blue and tan coat is parted on the face and from the base of the skull to the end of the tail and hangs evenly and quite straight down each side of body. The body is neat, compact and well proportioned. The dog's high head carriage and confident manner should give the appearance of vigor and self-importance. Must not exceed seven pounds.

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Sites are listed in alphabetical order by States and Countries

Breeder's Web Sites (if available) Breeder and contact Information
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Angel Yorkies
Jemison, Alabama
Julie Burdette--E-mail
ohmypreciousyorkies.jpg (15055 bytes)
Oh My... Precious Yorkies
Tuscon, Arizona
Anita Kitchens E-mail
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Rievaulx Yorkshire Terriers
Tucson, Arizona
Carolyn Hensley
vassaryorkies.jpg (10160 bytes)
Vassar Square Yorkshire Terriers
Paso Robles, California
Terri Shumsky -- E-mail
casablankayorkies.jpg (15397 bytes)
Casablanca Yorkshire Terriers
Southern, California
Paula Sikes -- E-mail
Kel-leesbanner.jpg (13304 bytes)
Kel-Lee's Yorkshire Terriers
Southern, California
Gail Kelley -- E-mail
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Park Avenue Yorkshire Terriers
Valrico, Florida
Linda Grimm E-mail
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Sugarfoot Yorkshire Terriers
Atlanta, Georgia

Vicki Edwards
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Greyfeir Yorkshire Terriers
Cartersville, Georgia
Norma Bohannon
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No Web Site at Present Time
Sundowns Yorkshire Terriers
Hays, Kansas
Donna Walters (785) 628-3873
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Jon-An's Yorkshire Terriers
New Orleans, Louisianna
Cookie Rogan
ojibwayorkies.jpg (13536 bytes)
Ojibwa Yorkies
Baraga, Michigan
Rose Edwards E-mail
  Camelot Yorkies
Goodrich, Michigan
Karen L. Dent E-mail
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Riverdance Yorkshire Terriers
Bay City, Michigan
Laurie B. Hudson E-Mail
Jeni-lanebanner.jpg (10577 bytes)
"Bred with Care/Shown with Pride"
Jeni-Lane's Yorkshire Terriers
Melvindale, Michigan
Vera J. Sheldon E-mail
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Mariah Yorkshire Terriers
Fort Shaw, Montana
Peggy & Darrell Nygard
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Home of Ch. Devon's Periwinkle Blue "Perri" &
Ch. Cambridge's Big Apple Abe "Abe"
Devon's Yorkshire Terriers
Charlotte, North Carolina
Devonne H. Mincey
Ph: (704) 394-9787
Kamegkobanner.jpg (4577 bytes)
Home of Ch. Durrers Reflections Of Shelands
Kamegko Yorkshire Terriers
Conover, North Carolina
Timothy Arnette & Paul Dickens
avantytbanner.jpg (12435 bytes)
Home of Ch. Durrer's Sunglitz
Avant Yorkshire Terriers
Elizabethtown, North Carolina
Mary L. Avant
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Home of Ch. Kamegko's Saint Nicholas
Ponderosa Yorkshire Terriers
Granite Falls, North Carolina
Tammie Ford & Joyce Smith
hilcresct.jpg (15740 bytes)
Home of Ch. Hilcrest Say's Ar-Bee's
Hilcrest Yorkshire Terriers
Statesville, North Carolina
Sylvia Shumake
shakespearemalt.jpg (40642 bytes)
Shakespeare Yorkies
Toledo, Ohio
RoxAnne Miligan  (419) 472-0457
coppertopbanner.jpg (13118 bytes)
Coppertop Yorkies
Wakeman, Ohio
Joanne Olds E-mail
donaesyorkies.jpg (11258 bytes)
Donae's Yorkshire Terriers
Norman, Oklahoma
Donna Otto E-mail
Starwoodyorkie.jpg (11545 bytes)
Starwood Yorkshire Terriers
Brenda Smith E-mail
Prinmarbanner.jpg (5105 bytes)
Prinmar Yorkshire Terriers
Garrett, Texas
Jean Fritz E-mail
killaleayorkies.jpg (10005 bytes)
Home of Ch. Killalea's Diamond Portfolio
Killalea Yorkshire Terriers
San Antonio, Texas
Sharon Gillette E-mail
hylanorkie.jpg (9551 bytes)
Hylan Acres Yorkshire Terriers
Tatum, Texas

Anne Wylie E-mail
decocabanner.jpg (13709 bytes)
Home of Ch. Vassar Square Hartford
DeCoca Yorkshire Terriers
Calleo, Virginia
Belinda Harris
BLUgenesbanner.jpg (4530 bytes)
BLUgenes Yorkshire Terriers
Staunton, Virginia
Jane Jordan Boward, CGRS
monorojosyork.jpg (13347 bytes)
Mono RoJos Yorkshire Terriers
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hilda M. Otegui
In English or En Espanol
tinytreasures.jpg (14528 bytes)
Tiny Treasure Yorkshire Terriers
BC, Canada
Cindy McKay
Banner coming soon Preciousgem Yorkies
BC, Canada
Faye Seida, E-mail
Showing & pet & show grooming. Maker of designer beds, leashes, and products

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